Contact Info

Officers & Committees

President:  Deb Miner,

Vice Presidents:  Lynn Bader and Susan Schwalm,

Secretary:  Sue Johnson,

Treasurer:  Nancy Dworak,

Library:  Susan Condrey,

Webmaster:  Kathryn Gribben and Dee Summers,

Membership:  Tammy Magill & Donna Kempkes

Door prizes:  Jane Werner

Challenge Quilt:  Char Gustin

General Store:  Monica Gerhart, Gretchen Reid, Linda Acquazzino, Shelley Hill

Retreat:  Carla Himler & Sissy Seyle

Angel Quilts:  Gretchen Reid and Marie Starbuck

Service Projects: Tami Maxwell and Alice Cunningham

Hospitality: Janet Hall

Unfilled positions: If interested in any position, please let the President know. 

At Large



Garden Walk

Raffle Quilt

Fabric Exchange